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Friday Features – Coach Page

Discussion in 'General Blood Bowl talk' started by The NAF, Nov 10, 2017.

  1. The NAF

    The NAF Rookie

    Lots of little bits going on today, for TOs mostly to be aware of, so a quick blog post to make it easy to share:

    • It’s not currently possibly to manually update email. The field that allowed this before didn’t actually do anything, it turns out, so this is a new process needed. Should be available soon, and can’t imagine it’s incredibly urgent for anyone, so please be patient on this one.
    • When entering winners, it now defaults to the race that the person played in the tournament. There aren’t many situations where this would need to be changed (best painted, maybe), but you can if you want. Note that if you don’t enter a race the result will not be displayed.[​IMG]
    • We’re looking into getting the white text box showing on the Coach Page. This means you can use it on Winners to show whether it is Team or Individual winner.
    • The same box can be used on Runner-Up in lots of ways. There has been a lot of demand for 3rd, 4th, Best Haircut etc, so the proposal is that the Runner-Up award can be used to list as many awards as you have won, with the text box showing what the specific award was. Please hold off on entering these until it is confirmed that the functionality will work.
    • Lunchmoney has offered to update tournaments for which the TO is off the grid, and Nate and I will also be able to do it, though we would much rather the TOs did it for obvious reasons!

    I think that’s it for the moment, more over the weekend I expect!


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