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NAF Minutes November 2017

Discussion in 'General Blood Bowl talk' started by The NAF, Nov 10, 2017.

  1. The NAF

    The NAF Rookie

    Present: Mike, Paul, Torsten, Nate, Gavin
    Apologies: Manuel

    Website update
    Significant improvements continue to be made to the database, and there are more imminent. The online registration is now fixed, having been broken for a while, and the coach page now contains more information.
    We discussed changing the names of the races so that they were consistently singular or plural, and so that GW Dwarfs were used instead of Dwarves, but as this would involve updating a number of different uploading tools the costs were felt to outweigh the benefits.

    Treasurer report
    Portugese Eurobowl paid back their loan.
    Outstanding loan of £8k to Welsh Eurobowl and 8k Euros to the World Cup.

    Leagues report
    The update with new goblin and pact positionals is nearly ready, and is in the final stages testing with the NAF site. Gav will also look into whether the old Wizard will still be available.

    Tournaments report
    Nate has commissioned new 24/26 patches and we are getting costings from the US and Europe for these.
    Some coaches would like to abstain from having their games recorded in particular tournaments. This is not allowed – if you have been a NAF member then you should supply your NAF name and number when playing in a NAF tournament.

    World Cup report
    Torsten had sought feedback from those who attended Eurobowl about what lessons could be taken forward to the World Cup. WC App will probably be available end of 2018 for other tourneys to use and test.

    The election for NAF President is coming up. These are the important dates:
    9 Dec – nominations start
    16 Dec – nominations end and Q&A start
    23 Dec – voting start
    30 Dec– election ends and the new President is elected

    Next meeting
    3rd December, 2030 CET


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