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Online Welsh Open 2018 ready for application on Fumbbl

Discussion in 'General Blood Bowl talk' started by The NAF, Nov 20, 2017.

  1. The NAF

    The NAF Rookie

    With Team Hellhound winning the €uropen Online we are now ready for the next Fumbbl NAF event which is the:

    Online Welsh Open 2018


    • Online Welsh Open is coupled with the Welsh Open 2018 taking place on January 28th / 29th
    • Winner will get a ticket to the Welsh Open 2018
    • Daemons of Khorne and Bretonnians are allowed
    • Group stage is 5 weekly games in individual groups of ~30 players
    • Round 1 will start at 22:00 CET (Fumbbl BB-Time) on Monday, 4.12.17
    • 2 Weeks time for the round over Christmas
    • Best 4 players will advance to the playoffs
    • All details are available in the OWO 2018 Rulespack

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