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Discussion in 'NAF World Cup 4, Dornbirn, 4-6 Oct 2019' started by Lunchmoney, May 5, 2017.

  1. Lunchmoney

    Lunchmoney Commish Staff Member

    When we arrange shirts, we'll do it here.
  2. Lemf

    Lemf Rookie

    I am happy to start looking into doing these again if you are happy with the last ones.
    Already have some ideas, with the theme from 2015 but German words and Dornbirn Crest

    Shirt colour tba but could suggest some.
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  3. Lunchmoney

    Lunchmoney Commish Staff Member

    Dont forget they need the exiles logo in there somewhere :)
  4. Lemf

    Lemf Rookie

    was considering removing the tree and then putting the exiles logo onto red and white shield. I will start working on it
    plenty of time.
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